What are the best questions to ask when making the decision to hire a professional virtual tour photographer?

When you’re spending precious marketing dollars on photography, you want to know that it’s going to be worth it. Once you narrow down the list of photographers who will potentially be doing your photo shoot, there are some important questions to ask to help determine which photographer you feel most comfortable working with.

There are the usual qualifications such as skill and experience — discussed in this article “ How to Hire a 360° Virtual Photographer ”. There are also specific questions to ask about the tour itself and how it will be applied within your business.

Every location has unique qualities and features but there are some basic questions to ask when you’re conducting your search…

10 Questions to ask:

  1. How will the tour fit with my company’s brand?
  2. Will a virtual tour help my web presence and SEO?
  3. Is this a long-term marketing solution?
  4. Can I embed the tour on my website and use it on social media?
  5. Can I get support if I need it?
  6. Once the tour is complete, can I make changes?
  7. Is it easy to link to my social media accounts?
  8. What’s the cost & value of a tour and what’s included?
  9. Can my tour include unique features such as interactive hotspots and videos?
  10. Can I create my own virtual tour?

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