New social-distancing regulations prompted many restaurants to take advantage of beautiful summer nights. Moving dining experience outdoors and maintain the livelihood of restauranteurs. Restaurants with outdoor seating began shifting tables, maximizing space, and adding mood lighting.

The peaceful ambiance for their new restaurant location is evident. Restaurants, either limited by their space or location, did not previously have an outdoor dining experience available before the pandemic. Silver linings do exist.

In June, the Waltham Traffic Commission approved the closure of Moody Street. Moody Street is one of the liveliest strips in town. Moody Street allows restaurants to claim their share of street and sidewalk to build a temporary outdoor seating destination. Whether picnic tables, tablecloths, or decorated tents and outdoor heaters, restaurants were able to take advantage of the nice weather and continue with business through the phases of reopening. 

Time is running Out! As colder weather approaches, Moody Street, and similar locations, will open traffic on December 1st.

Restaurants will be forced to move back inside and make do with their traditional indoor setup, with social distancing, of course. Customers may be hesitant to eat inside. Be proactive! There are things restaurants can do to ease encourage patrons and show commitment to creating a safe environment for their dining experience.

Walk with Erin down Moody Street in Waltham!

Incorporate compliance updates to your online presence! Cleaning protocols, mask requirements, an overview of design updates and seating arrangements encourage patrons. A virtual tour to best displays this new customer experience. An experience dedicated to comfort and safety.

Learn how we can help show off new updates, and bring more customers through your front door!