I had the most wonderful experience working with Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister. Dan and Elizabeth are award winning audio documentary producers and their company is Long Haul Productions.

Their most recent project is a very touching love story about Stephen and Gwen Huneck. Their love for dogs resulted in the establishment of Dog Mountain and a gorgeous Dog Chapel. At Dog Mountain, dog owners can memorialize their deceased pets. Be sure to have tissues on hand. This story does not have a happy outcome. Sorry for the spoiler.

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Dog chapel at Dog Mountain

My part in the project was to create 360 degree panoramic views. Views of the Dog Chapel and nearby pond, where dogs frolic in play. As all dog owners know, it’s very difficult to have dogs stay in place. It requires a lot of coaxing to get specific behaviors from pets. I worked with Dan, Elizabeth, and Martin Lee to brainstorm. What would the concept for the exterior panoramic views would look? How would it communicate their goal was to show dogs and their owners at play in various activities.

The challenge is that high quality 360-degree panoramic images require multiple photos to be taken. These are taken as the camera spins around. In this case, I chose to take six photos, one every 60 degrees, to complete the panoramic photo. Although this provided us with the opportunity to “pose” dogs at play in six different vignettes, in practice, dogs and people moved all over the place while I furiously clicked away at all six positions.

The real work was in the post-production stitching of the image in selecting the views that would best show the concept we had in mind.

⇒ Please see the final result here.

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