Panospin360 was blessed with a sprawling view of Fenway while capturing the Fenway Park Suite at the Hotel Commonwealth. As we acclimate to social distancing, the new normal has yet to be determined. Memories of home runs, chants, bleachers, beer, hotdogs, and peanuts emerge. Today, we celebrate America’s favorite pastime, baseball.

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Inside Fenway, late afternoon sun illuminates the grass, making it so bright that I squint to see it, I look around the old park again, green chairs, iron girders holding the roof up — and young ballplayers taking batting practice. I come to the ballpark early to watch BP, the antique, and immemorial rituals of batting and shagging flies while pitchers run in the outfield. I come early to this ballpark, tiny and eccentric and warm-hearted because I want to look my fill and to remember.

Late Poet Laureate Donald Hall and lifelong Red Sox fan.

Fenway Park across the Mass Pike highway. A night in this heavenly suite will cost you $800, and for Red Sox fans, a mini-heaven.

You can check it out here,

Fenway is the essence of baseball.

Tom Seaver, Hall of Famer