In this age of gadgets and technology, a person can “technically” call themselves a photographer. People are using their smartphone cameras for business purposes more and more frequently. The continual development of apps that shoot in all types of formats, with all types of lenses, are elevating smartphone photography.

So many people are clicking their smartphone shutters, but what sets the professional apart from the amateur?

How does a business owner make the right choice when hiring a photographer?

What are the traits of a good 360° virtual tour photographer?

The skills it takes to be a good photographer, in general, include a knowledge of equipment, lighting, composition, and artistic style and vision. However, 360° virtual tours require another level of expertise. The photographer must also learn technical skills and equipment specific to the art of shooting panoramic images.

Technical Skills

A good 360° virtual tour photographer needs to know their technology, equipment, and the software used to create a beautiful virtual tour.

They need to know:

  • the correct camera settings to achieve the proper exposure and perfect composition.
  • the right type of lens to use in each situation.
  • how a location should be staged before they arrive.
  • where the best vantage point is for a great 360° spin.
  • what time of day to best photograph the views.
  • how to stage people correctly in the views.
  • how to correctly stitch and process the digital images for the most flattering compositions.
  • approximately how long it will take to do the shoot and deliver the product.
  • website programming to best present your tour.

Personal Skills

When you choose to do business with a photographer, you’re essentially asking them to convey the idea, story, appearance, and essence of your business visually. You’re trusting them to see your business the way you do and convert that vision to digital images.

Here’s where the personal skills of a photographer are important. They must have the highest standards for working with their clients. Some questions to ask yourself before hiring…

  • Do they have a portfolio and references in your industry?
  • Are they respected in the community?
  • Do they have a good work ethic and are they easy to work with?
  • Do they show up on time, work efficiently, and deliver on time?
  • What level of customer service are they committed to?
  • Do they have the ability to see what’s needed and translate that into an image?

Panospin360 Photographers

Our photographers have a combined experience of over 25 years and we’ve been specializing in 360° virtual tour photography since 2005. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, knowledge of our craft, and dedication to customer service.

More importantly, we’re committed to showing up on time, communicating with you in a timely manner, and delivering professional quality images and programming to you.

We treat your business like it’s our own and pride ourselves in delivering the “WOW” factor with the final results.

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