We’re checking in with Lisa Dean of Exit Realty Beatrice Associates to see how her real estate business is doing is this climate. Virtual tours sell properties, both residential and commercial. Demand in 360° photography services has seen an increase, as more buyers do their exploratory home shopping online. 

The National Association of Realtors has said that respondents, 89% of them value photos, 50% felt video tours are of value. The value of this has sky-rocketed in recent days. We are relying heavily on virtual tours.

Lisa Dean Exit Realty Beatrice Associates
Lisa Dean Exit Realty Beatrice Associates

We love that our Virtual Tours provide a tool to create and present a time capsule for the seller. They’re able to share this historical view with future generations.  To this end, we use the Matterport brand 360-degree high-resolution camera for photographing virtual tours. The Matterport camera produces the highest quality professional photography and is the only camera to produce the “dollhouse view” that has become a defining feature of Matterport virtual tours.

There is going to be more social distancing. Being careful, respectful of people’s boundaries. The past couple of months we’ve had to schedule private showings with 15-minute intervals.

If you’re looking to sell or purchase a home in the Great Boston Area North, contact Lisa today! Check out one of Lisa’s Matterport Tours!