2020 Reveals Opportunity – The Digital World!

2020 was charged with doubt, uncertainty, obstacles, and challenges of all sorts. Entering the 2021 new year may be just the fresh start we all desperately need. What is the importance of a virtual tour in 2021? With 2020 behind us there are more benefits than ever to adding an innovative solution to your toolbox!

Digital storefronts, online grocery shopping, virtual workplaces, and distance learning have launched many into the digital world! Even when pandemic days are behind us, it is still likely that people will have instilled digital habits.

What does this mean?

Even when we go back to the office and return to a new sense of normal, the digital world and all that has come with it will remain present in our lives!

Show your commitment to health and safety!

Upgrade your cleaning protocols, spaced out tables, registers, or gym equipment? Now is the time to show it off! Stickers, signage, sanitization stations, and more- show your patrons they can feel supported in your establishment!

Virtual tours bring patrons a sense of comfort during uncertain times.

Whether it be from the stress the pandemic has brought on or from the lifestyle sacrifices we have all had to make for the well-being of communities, people may not feel as comfortable going out in public anymore. A virtual tour allows patrons to experience a new store layout or added safety measures proving your commitment to their comfort and safety and welcoming them into your business with open arms (social distanced, of course).

Virtual Tour Options to fit Your Budget!

Virtual tours are not just a big-ticket item for large corporations! More and more small businesses have begun integrating virtual tours into their websites, allowing them to stand out from competitors and add value to their own experiences.

Panospin360 would love to help you find Your Virtual Tour for 2021!

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