In the past year, businesses have amended their typical practices to prioritize new health and safety concerns, and to abide by state and national regulations. With this, at a time when foot traffic through front doors may be less frequent, the value of a virtual tour has grown. The traditional virtual tour benefits still stand, while their use has expanded into new opportunities for bringing businesses success. 

Virtual tours are a versatile business tool relied upon by businesses, big and small. They can provide potential customers the ability to step into your business from the comfort of their own devices, providing a comfortable and informative customer experience like no other.

Virtual tours are innovative and interactive ways for customers to interact digitally with your business. This year, we experienced one of these cool advances, photographing a virtual tour to be turned into a digital storefront! Traveling to Warwick, Rhode Island, we met with Instagram influencer Alex Morse (@thecreativegeneri) to photograph her extravagant Halloween porch. 

Party City then turned our virtual tour into an amazing, interactive storefront. Move around the porch, click on decorations to see details and price, and explore as if you were walking through a Party City location! No other technology rivals this realistic walkthrough of the products and experience Party City offers.

Though window-shopping may look different this year, do not let these cool innovations pass by. Call us today to see how you can use a virtual tour to show off your business!