We’re checking in with Vicky Dimino of Engel & Vöelkers to see how her real estate business is doing is this climate. Virtual tours sell properties, both residential and commercial. Demand in 360° photography services has seen an increase, as more buyers do their exploratory home shopping online. 

Vicky Dimino is an award-winning, full-time REALTOR who has been making her client’s dreams a reality for almost 7 years. She has been investing in real estate since 2002, 15 years of sales, marketing, and customer service experience is available to you. Before she started in real estate, she managed 6 offices for The Lyons Group in Boston MA near Fenway Park.

Matterport online tours greatly benefit everyone
involved. They allow a clearer view of what properties are out there.

Vicky Dimino, Engel & Vöelkers

Statistics show online is the first step buyers take when looking for a new home.

Vicky Dimino, Engel & Vöelkers

We love that our Virtual Tours provide a tool to create and present a time capsule for the seller. They’re able to share this historical view with future generations.  To this end, we use the Matterport brand 360-degree high-resolution camera for photographing virtual tours. The Matterport camera produces the highest quality professional photography and is the only camera to produce the “dollhouse view” that has become a defining feature of Matterport virtual tours.

I really enjoyed working with you, Carlton. Your attention to detail is far superior to a lot of photographers out there.
Going forward, you’ll see a lot more agents using virtual tours. It’s an absolute necessity for what we’re dealing with today.

If you’re looking to sell or purchase a home in the Great Boston Area North, contact Vicky Dimino today! Check out one of Vicky’s Matterport Tours!