They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but virtual tour photography is worth much more – it redefines the game entirely. Photography has always been a valuable asset for businesses, offering a visual representation that not only evokes emotion, but engages people to act.

Virtual tour photography has revolutionized the way businesses showcase their spaces. Beyond the traditional impact of photography, services like PanoSpin360 take visual storytelling to the next level, highlighting and showcasing the best you have to offer to clients and customers.

It delivers a wealth of information, actively engages clients, and aids in making prompt, important decisions. Virtual tour photography is particularly beneficial for customers with busy lifestyles, helping them determine whether your space fits their needs in situations where a simple photo falls short.

As we explore this innovative tool, virtual tour photography has additional benefits for businesses looking to improve their marketing strategy, particularly through a service like PanoSpin360.

Benefits of Virtual Tour Photography for Your Business

Stratosjets highlights that 82% of Americans book travel arrangements and accommodations online. This staggering percentage weighing in favor of online tools is why your online presentation of services, be it hotel rooms or venue seating, is paramount. When a neighboring competitor offers a virtual tour, and you don’t, the last thing you want is to be left behind with lower bookings while your competitor boosts their foothold in your market. Make the first move by establishing virtual tour photography for your business.

 Nobody likes surprises, not even your customers. Here are a few other reasons why a virtual tour photography provider such as PanoSpin360 can help sustain and grow your bottom line.

Accessibility Advantages

Virtual tours give potential visitors, patrons, or guests a better understanding of your rooms or venue. Instead of a few small flat photos, a virtual tour lets customers better understand the layout of what they’re buying, all from the comfort of their home. For concerts and events, virtual tours give customers a real perspective of the view they’re getting with their tickets. For hotels and real estate, users will better understand the flow of a house or guest room. The virtual reality experience on their computer or mobile device helps people feel as if they are actually there in-person. Even video can’t provide this experience.

Unmatched Convenience Without Sacrificing Quality

Sometimes, convenience features come at the cost of sacrificing quality. Virtual tours, on the other hand, add to the quality of your customer’s experience while making the research portion of their planning much more convenient. If you think about the timeshare selling experience, in-person tours have been the go-to method for some time. However, adding online virtual tour options with PanoSpin360 can attract timeshare buyers nationwide. You’re increasing the quality of your services while streamlining the research and planning experience for customers by showcasing your location 24/7.

Also, consider your own experiences when booking services or hotel stays online. Ask yourself how valuable room photos and other virtual tour photography aspects helped influence a final decision. These sorts of exercises demonstrate the power of virtual tour photography services for your business.

Virtual Tours are a Powerful Marketing Resource for Real Estate and Hotels

Regarding real estate and hotel booking services, having quality and detailed photos is often a major factor in booking a stay or showing. PanoSpin360 can provide virtual tour and real estate photography to help you sell more properties and book more guests at your hotel.

Think about how you have shopped for hotel stays or real estate in the past. You sift through listings and photos, select a few top options based on that, and continue your research. Having high-quality virtual tours from PanoSpin360 puts your properties and rooms in those final options.

Studies Show Virtual Tour Photography is Great for Business

Of course, we can shout from the rooftops how valuable virtual photography tour services are. But what may be more beneficial is highlighting the many studies showing the benefits of virtual tour photography. Here are a few studies across several industries offering its benefits. 

Virtual Photography for Real Estate

When it comes to real estate, there’s no shortage of data highlighting the benefits of including virtual tours in your listings. One study by Redfin showed that homes that featured virtual tours in their listing earned 87% more views than listings without them. That’s a lot more eyes on your properties. The National Association of Realtors found in a separate study that homes with virtual tours had up to 14% more offers than properties without virtual tour photography.

In addition, the tours also brought in more valuable buyers, as the homes sold for an average of $8,000 more than the homes without virtual tours. Another study by Redfin showed that 67% of buyers found virtual tours helpful in home-buying.

Multiple studies have shown the benefits of virtual photography tours in the travel and tourism sectors. A study from VisitScotland showed that when included, virtual tours increased the likelihood of making a booking by 67%. Virtual Tour photography boosts tourism at all levels of the industry.

Another study by Travel Research found virtual tours help to increase the likelihood of someone visiting a location and their enjoyment once they are at the destination. And remember, a happy customer is a repeat customer!

Events, Museums, and Other Venues All Benefit from Virtual Tours

The Journal of Museum Education published incredible findings related to virtual tour photography in museums and other educational venues. It found that visitors and students engaged better with the virtual tour content and improved their ability to retain the presented information. A 2022 Virtual Tour Consumer Insights Report highlighted that businesses with virtual tours closed on 14% more deals than businesses without tours.

Similar findings related to zoos and visitor education were found in the Journal of Computer Science. They found that people who absorbed virtual tours would likely continue learning about those topics afterward.

Recreational event venues also benefit from virtual tour photography. The Journal of Convention and Event Tourism discovered that virtual tours provided to potential visitors increased attendance rates, the number of people interested in the event, and the number of people who recommended the event to others.

Virtual Tour Photography Boosts Web Presence and SEO

Multiple studies from Google and Matterport highlight how important virtual tour photography can be when boosting your web presence and increasing your SEO ranking on search engines. Google’s study showed that websites with virtual tours had experienced web traffic increases of 150%, and Matterport noted a 200% increase in lead generation. These two factors greatly improve the footprint of your online business and the value added by these increased page views.

You can expect increased SEO scores and search rankings for your website from added virtual tour photography because of the dwell time statistic. Google and other search engines pay attention to the keywords related to your site in search results and how long users stay engaged with your site.

Getting visitors to engage with virtual tours more frequently slashes bounce rates and greatly boosts dwell time. This, in turn, makes search engines more inclined to rank your site higher for more valuable keywords. By improving your organic SEO through site additions like virtual tour photography, you can spend less money for targeted keywords in search engines and use those valuable marketing dollars elsewhere.

The bottom line is that you can expect more valuable leads and higher conversion rates across all industries if you include virtual tours for your customers. Data from surveys with customers in these industries backs up all the data. 92% say that virtual tools are great for helping make a buying decision, 84% of customers feel more likely to visit a business with virtual tours, and 73% noted that it increased confidence in buying one product or service over another.

PanoSpin360 Virtual Tour Photography Services

PanoSpin360 offers multiple virtual tour photography services, each with unique benefits and uses.

Premium Virtual Tours

These virtual tours are ideal for a high-end customized tour experience you expect to use for a long time. It includes a wide range of features such as coverage of multiple areas, high-end or better image resolution, floor plans and campus-style maps, 360-degree views, and more. Read more about our premium virtual tour packages here.

Google Maps Street View Tours

Integrate your business virtual tour with Google Maps, putting your location directly with the street view photos. You’ll allow more customers to find your business and include up to 20 spinning views. These virtual tours can be integrated directly into your website via an iframe.

Matterport Virtual Tours

Give guests a step-by-step virtual tour of any location. The result is a stunning, high-quality tour with plenty of extra features, such as a dollhouse view or floor plan. Interactive hotspots allow your users to discover more information about the room or point of interest.

In summary, virtual tour photography, particularly through services like PanoSpin360, offers amazing benefits for businesses in various sectors. We enhance online presentations, provide detailed, interactive views, and boost customer engagement and satisfaction. Our virtual tours have become indispensable tools for real estate, tourism, event venues, and more, significantly contributing to business growth and customer retention.