Jewish Memorial Honors Lives Lost to COVID-19

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COVID-19 has left countless communities across the world mourning the loss of valued and beloved friends, family, and neighbors. At the Baker Street Memorial Park in West Roxbury, the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts placed a stone custom to Jewish mourning to recognize the impact the coronavirus has left on the Jewish community.

Panospin360, IEEE, & Boston Dynamics’ Atlas & Spot Walk into a Lab…

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oston Dynamics is Redefining Robot Agility. Panospin360, along with the photographer/videographer Bob O'Connor, collaborated with Erico Guizzo of IEEE Spectrum and Boston Dynamics' over the summer of 2019 to capture the antics of two of the Boston Dynamics’ robotics team. Carlton and Amanda, our newest photographer/videographer, met two of the amazing marvels of Boston Dynamics, Spot and Atlas. We thought we’d give you a little bit of history of the Robots we’re making friends with: Spot and Atlas.

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