Jewish Memorial Honors Lives Lost to COVID-19

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COVID-19 has left countless communities across the world mourning the loss of valued and beloved friends, family, and neighbors. At the Baker Street Memorial Park in West Roxbury, the Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts placed a stone custom to Jewish mourning to recognize the impact the coronavirus has left on the Jewish community.

Fitness During a Pandemic: A Guide to Gym Safety & Athletic Masks

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With public health at the forefront of nearly all decisions being made in society this year, it is important that we don’t neglect the other (equally important) aspects of healthy, balanced living. Including mental health, emotional health, intellectual health, and physical health are staples in self care.

Build Your Business Amid a Pandemic: Added Virtual Tour Benefits

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Virtual tours allow businesses a way to showcase their creativity, innovation, and beauty with potential customers online. Technology allows businesses to grow. 360° virtual tours achieve the most talked about advantages: “real view” for customers, interactive and user-guided. Customers can gather more information to truly see themselves at your business, and much more!

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